7 Steps to a Guilt-free "No"

How to take stop putting yourself last in 7 steps




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How to get out of overwhelm and stop resentment, while being kind and respectful to others


Dear Reader,

I'm guessing you've found this page because you're overwhelmed, exhausted or resentful (or all of them) - never have a moment for yourself and keep wondering "When is it my turn??"

I have been there, too. I know what it's like. Long days, filled with activity and "helping" others - making others happy, giving them what they need. It feels good, after all. Their gratitude and acknowledgement seems like enough for a while. And then, long days also turn into long nights - filled with more activity and helping. A slight dissatisfaction might start creeping in. You're tired, after all - and there is still no end in sight for all the things on the "to-do" list. More tasks keep finding their way onto the already-high pile.

We can't keep doing this...

The slight dissatisfaction might turn into a feeling of discontent and if nothing changes, a raging resentment. After all, you're never getting a chance to do anything on your OWN prioirty list. You might even start wondering - if I suddenly DO have time, what is it that I would love to do anyway? You may not even be in touch anymore with what you like or love - because for so long, you've only been concerned with others' wants and needs.

If you are absolutely EXHAUSTED of this, FED UP with not ever being able to do anything for yourself, you're in the right place. I was there, too! I was beyond exhaustion most of the time, close to tears because the pile of work never seemed to get any lighter. I had no idea that any of this could change. I thought my life would have to continue in this way - and most days, I didn't feel like getting up. The burden was too much. I stopped enjoying life - and didn't know how to change anything. The future looked rather bleak.

It doesn't have to be this way!

There is a different way. You don't have to live a life of quiet despair. I'm living proof.

When I honestly started looking at my behaviour of offering to help everyone around me, plus do my own work -  I found many reasons underneath that. And I found I wasn't able to make those reasons go away with LOGIC alone. I needed to find a way to work with the emotional contributors for not saying "Sorry, Mary, can't help you this time".

"No" is an awful word, right?

I grew up believing "no" is a dirty word, and only used by selfish, horrible, heartless people. I also believed that when someone asks me to help, I have no choice, or if I said "no", that there would be conflict or angry people - and I was so terrified of that! I believed that people NEEDED me, that they simply wouldn't cope if I didn't help them - and that if it was urgent, I needed to drop everything and jump to help immediately.

This led to my own life always being "on hold" - until ALL the other tasks were sorted out or taken care of. Which never happened. So my life continued to be on hold. And I never got to do any of the things that brought me joy and fulfillment - hobbies, walking, listening to music, reading. It felt "wrong" to do those enjoyable things until everyone else's problems were sorted.

I realised only I could change that!

One day I had a shocking experience. I was fed-up, exhausted, close to tears (again) when my colleague asked me: "Liesel, who gave you all this work?!"

The most unpleasant feeling arose in my gut. I could no longer look away from the fact that it was ME. She didn't ask me to do it all. And I never asked her for any help. I thought I was being "good" to offer to do it all, put it all on MY plate and "rescue her" from having to deal with it.

The lightbult went up for me. No-one could change that for me. Only I could do something different. If it was ME who decided to do all this work (for whatever reasons), it was only ME could decide to NOT do all of it.

I needed a different strategy...

I needed to change those old beliefs and thoughts for self-preservation. I needed a different way of looking at these  beliefs that were no longer serving me, otherwise I was going to work myself into an early grave and possibly die of resentment (or so it felt).

I also discovered that I needed to do things differently - to find new behaviour. Do things in different ways. I needed to find a practical way to say "no, sorry, can't help" and new strategies to live by.

NoJigsawI found those ways and I can share them with you!

I started investigating this issue in great depth. And I found so many of us battle with this same concept. "I could never say "no" - that's unthinkable"! The truth is, we can. I'm sure you know some people who have absolutely no problem with saying that, or telling you that they can't do it now and they don't even apologize. They say it with absolute certainty and confidence, no guilt, no remorse. Just the truth.

Would you like to be able to get out of the chaos and overhelm, and take some time for your OWN priorities, for what's truly important to you?


In this comprehensive Training Program, you can expect the following:

Module 1: Take Stock and Take Aim

We want to know where we are now, so we can measure progress. Taking stock is incredibly important for awareness and shining the torch where we didn't know there was a problem. We'll use some very powerful tools to take a snapshot of where you are. We will also use a very powerful tool to take aim at where you want to be - so we can keep our "eye on the ball".

Module 2: 15 Most Common Beliefs

We'll investigate the 15 most common reasons for our reluctance to say "no". You'll identify the 7 that most hinder you, and in a later module find out how to eliminate them.

Module 3: Beliefs and their Power

We'll investigate the power of the subconscious mind, why we have to work at this deep level to clear limits, and how to do that.

Module 4: A tool to "delete" limits

We'll learn a very powerful tool to "delete" limiting beliefs from the subconscious. That means we're no longer "held hostage" by beliefs and thoughts we were taught in childhood. And we can make new choices that will serve us, too.

Module 5: Why it's GOOD to say "no"

These 7 compelling reasons could change your life!

Module 6: How to Make Decisions Easy!

Make decisions much, much easier when you learn this one thing. Most people don't know about this - and it's something that underlies so many of our unconscious decisions. When you know this, you have a "compass" to steer by.

Module 7: 24 Ways to say "no" respectfully

Learn 24 ways to say "No" in a way that leaves the other person feeling good, and leaves the door open for great communication.


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Here’s What You’ll Accomplish During these Seven Weeks…

When you complete the 7 Weeks to a Guilt-free "No" program, you'll know yourself better than most people on planet earth.

  • You'll understand and be aware of the biggest reasons for your OWN reluctance to decline requests.
  • With the structured lessons, homework, worksheets, in-depth awareness exercises, tracking sheets and coaching questions, you'll have a clear picture of how pleasing others instead of yourself impacts your life.
  • You'll have valuable tools that you can apply to any area of your life for
    • stress-relief
    • making decisions easy
    • getting out of overwhelm
    • assessing where in your life the problem areas are
    • setting goals/outcomes in ways that increase the likelihood of manifesting it exponentially
  • You'll have 24 practical ways to decline requests that let you AND others feel good about it
  • I'll even share with you what to do if you have already committed to too much and can't manage it all
  • You'll know how to get out of non-stop to-do lists and start taking care of yourself
  • You'll be able to drop the guilt because you know that it's not only good for you - it's also good for OTHERS that you learn this skill!
  • You'll have a cheat sheet you can apply to every difficult decision



I want to help you get back your enthusiasm, self-confidence, self-esteem and JOY for life!
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Liesel Teversham
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P.S. 7 Weeks to a Guilt-Free No is a single payment training program. All correspondence is considered confidential and will not be shared without permission.

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