Liesel Teversham's Quick Start EFT Guide

"5 Steps: Stress Relief at your Fingertips"

EFT is an incredibly effective stress-relief tool that anyone can learn. It's a self-help tool par excellence and literally millions of people worldwide turn to EFT for quick relief of the symptoms of stress.




  • Have you heard of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and feel confused about the process?
  • Are you stressed, stretched and overwhelmed and don't know where to turn for stress-relief?
  • Do you have an event that keeps running circles through your brain and you'd LOVE to forget it, yet can't?


Well-known EFT users are Cheryl Richardson, Dr Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Jack Canfield, Dr Joseph Mercola and Joe Vitale. These super-successful people use this tool and believe in it - and they trust EFT to help them get past emotional roadblocks on their way to even more success.

Would you like to benefit from a simple "recipe" that even children can learn,
to let go of stress and uncomfortable emotions like anger, sadness, guilt?

We've all had the experience of reduced thinking capacity when strong emotions take over. Our brains literally don't receive enough bloodflow to the thinking, rational parts, while the primitive, emotional brain receives more blood flow and cause us to feel stuck and unable to move forward.

EFT is a tool that can help you to de-stress, and think about your problem cleary - in order to make better decisions and get into appropriate action again. It's exceptionally effective to help you clear traumas from the past, fears about the future - even phobias can be cured.

Liesel's Story

UndertheCarpetI grew up in a home where emotions were either swept under the carpet or downright denied. My parents, even though they were highly educated people, did not have the tools to help me deal with emotions and for a long time, I did the same - denial or the trusted carpet-technique! It did not get me very far, because for 15 years of my teenage and young adult life, I was depressed and treated with anti-depressants.

In 2005, I heard of this technique that could help me process my emotions simply and safely. I was so excited with what EFT did for me, I decided to become an EFT Practitioner and later completed my EFT Trainer examination in the UK, with EFT Master Ann Ross.

EFT literally changed my life. Stress and worry is no longer the biggest part of my day. EFT has given me the ability to "tap" into my inner strength. I can let go of stress, worry, fear, discomfort at any time because this tool is always available - at your finger tips, so to speak!


Gail Siler Butterfly Promise"As a social scientist and personal change counselor I have worked for several decades helping people create positive change in their lives.  When I learned about EFT I finally found the one most amazing process that cuts through everything and creates intense change quickly in a person's life.  I have used EFT both professionally and personally for a range of experiences from healing traumatic events, soul retrievals, healing addictive and obsessive compulsive disorders, and getting rid of the common cold.

It is my pleasure to recommend Liesel Teversham's course, A Quick Start EFT Guide.  Her course comes in the perfect packaged size for the busy executive, student or homemaker who has little time and needs to make the best use of it. The information is organized to get you quickly where you need to be, and learn key parts of EFT one step at a time, but quickly and clearly.  She also provides previews and reviews of the materials in each module.  In addition she offers the inside scoop, tricks and additional information on how to do things and how to make them work clearly and easily for you. Only someone who REALLY knows and understands EFT could have done such an amazing job as Liesel has.

I would highly recommend you take Liesel's course to get you speedily on your way to using EFT in your life. Once you see the amazing results it produces, you will be well on your way to carving your path through life with intention, clear action and great success."

Gail Siler, PhD, author of "Decoding the Butterfly Promise. Returning to Wholeness"


How this Quick Start Guide to EFT can Help You!

In this Guide, you will

  • Learn exactly where the EFT tapping points are and how to use them.
  • Discover the "EFT Mantra" - what it is and why it's important. Many people who try EFT don't know about this, and it can dramatically reduce the results you have.
  • Learn an easy recipe for knowing what to say when you tap.
  • Discover how to measure your results so that you know whether you're making progress (why do something if you're not making progress, right??).
  • Discover the piece of the puzzle that so many newcomers miss - and without this, you could also think "EFT doesn't work for me".
  • Learn the answer to the question "How do I know when I'm finished?"
  • Learn a complete stress-relief recipe you can use for any problem you can think of.


Kelly Wagner Web


"Liesel's Quick Start Guide to EFT is brilliant and a gift delivered at exactly the right moment! While I have read quite a bit on EFT and have experimented with it and found good results, I was most grateful for having landed upon Liesel's course at the time that I did. The first week into the course I came upon a situation where I felt confronted and overwhelmed. Having this course in front of me, my first reaction was to 'start tapping'. This allowed me a quick 'action step' to begin before I let fear get the best of me and the situation resolved itself quickly. I am excited to continue to explore more areas of where EFT can bring clarity, acceptance and personal growth."

Kelly Wagner. Creator of "The Ideal Life Planner".

"Fear has always been my biggest obstacle. My fears were totally controlling my entire life, but today I sit here humbled by the amazing effects of EFT and the impact it has left on me. I feel like I can go out and conquer the world. The world is my oyster. These are words that I could never say before. So thank you for changing my life."



Headshot-KarenPalmer"Working with Liesel Teversham is a dream come true. Her fast response to any question and her caring nature made this experience awesome. I LOVED how simple and fun the instructions were. I have been tapping for years but the way she explains it is wonderful and really gave me a lot of confidence when working with my clients.

I was working on my fear of public speaking and felt confident as an event director at I was a confident and empowered leader. I feel excited to share this with many people and continue to work on any remaining limited beliefs I have. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart."

Karen Palmer, Best-Selling Author of "Dogs are gifts from God" and "The Secret to Puppy Love"

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What You'll Gain in this Program:

  • The ability to shift from "stressed out" to "peaceful" in minutes
  • A safe way to deal with physical pain or discomfort without having to revert to prescription drugs with side-effects
  • A way to calm down those "bedtime bees" that keep you from sleeping so you can get a great night's rest and wake up refreshed
  • A safe, drug-free way to deal with anxiety and mild depression
  • A fun way to help kids deal with school stress, bullying and feelings of failure



This EFT Program Includes

  • Exclusive entry into a Private Group Area where you can network with other health conscious people who are consciously improving their lives.
  • The Group is peer-lead, and in addition, I will be in the group to answer questions and provide guidance personally, twice a week for one hour.
  • A monthly Q and A Support and Training Call (details in emails) where you can have questions answered.


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