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Pressure to Help a Client

Written 21 January 2014

b2ap3_thumbnail_pressure.jpgI had to giggle recently. Actually, I didn’t really feel like giggling when it happened. Looking back, a few hours later, I’m shaking my head at the unbelievable speed with which we can be dumped right back into our old “stuff” and patterns.

I’m talking about my old, favourite pattern. “I can’t say no.”

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Liesel Teversham
I love how you describe the struggle between being kind and helpful to others vs. being kind and mindful of our own needs. I alway... Read More
Sunday, 03 August 2014 10:24
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Learning that I have Limits


I am slowly learning the value of pacing myself with tasks and appointments. I'm very slowly learning and accepting that just because someone else can work with many clients per day, does not mean that I should be able to do the same. 

I'm learning the value of acknowledging and respecting my limits where it comes to "output". 

In the two recent weeks, I over-scheduled "talking" appointments. By that I mean appointments where I have to do a lot of talking, like working with a client, or even lunch with a friend. And by Friday (two weeks in a row) I was finished. My energy was low and enthusiasm only a trickle...

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Book Published!

b2ap3_thumbnail_DSC_0106.jpgWhat an amazing day in my life...

After years of thinking I want to write a book, and agonizing about a topic for 2 years, finally in December 2011 I knew what I wanted to write about!

I had been battling all my life to take care of me, and my own needs. In fact, I always thought that "needs" were for weak, awfully clingy and needy people and I did not acknowledge any of mine. I think I learnt early in life to ignore my needs - it was so much easier than having them crushed, laughed at or ridiculed.

My parents were such good people. Caring, loving, nurturing. And yet, they didn't teach me how to do those things for myself. I did not learn that it's okay (essential, in fact) to take care of me, too. I learnt that it's selfish to look after myself, that I should think of others first and give them what THEY need.

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“You stand in the way of your own success when you set goals that are incongruent with your true higher values and have unrealistic expectations in terms of what you want and when. Either adjust your goals to match your values or adjust your values to match your goals. Otherwise unrealistic expectations can lead to frustrating results and volatile emotions.” - Dr John Demartini

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