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Self Love Series Part 2

Self Love Series

This month, we're doing a Series on Self Love at the request of Monica Carr of Momentality Moments. Monica is in the US, and I started writing blogs for her in 2013. She's on a big drive in 2014 to help her readers realise the importance of loving yourself.

For Self Love Series Part 1, go to Monica's beautiful blog at MomentalityMoments.

How can we learn self-love?

Unfortunately, beliefs formed in the subconscious in our early years do not easily change by thinking rationally, or by someone outside telling you that you are lovable.

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No, my time is precious!

No, my time is precious!


I had to grin this afternoon. With huge compassion.

I received a newsletter from a very successful, very awesome and very busy coach, author and speaker. She's had an exceptionally busy time this year with a book launch and her book is doing incredibly well in South Africa. All in all, it looks like "she's made it".

Except - her back has given her lots of problems the past few months. She had to spend a month in bed!

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"Boundaries are like a psychological “fence” between two people. It declares where the border is between you and me. " - Kathie Keeler

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