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Hitting Point Overwhelm


Written by Susan Schoening

I have had quite a few comments from clients and friends asking why I have been so quiet on the "writing of posts" front, as opposed to taking the easy way out and sharing "others' posts" ... which I have been really guilty of over the past few months in general, and this month in particular.

I could say I have been really busy (which is true), or that life is chaotic at the moment (also true) or that I am so tired after a day resonant with chasing my tail (you know how that feels!) that all I can do is fall into bed, without a creative thought in my head. But that for me feels as though I am buying into the excuses and allowing the excuses to drive my daily schedule, as opposed to ME driving my days consciously and constructively.


Time is speeding up

Part of the problem has been that time seems to have developed a new speed, one which I am struggling to adapt to. Anyone else out there feeling as though time is speeding up, that there are less hours in the day, less minutes in the hour, and that, no matter how much you have acheived during the day, there is constantly a list of MORE demanding things to get through? In speaking to many clients this month, I know i am not alone on this "frantic time change" feeling.

It had gotten to the point where I had looked at all the things I needed to get done, and hit panic stations. There was so much to be done, no time to do it all, and I was lying awake at night stressing with what to do with it all, with the result that I was achieving very little during the day.

When everything is done...

If I am honest with myself, I have fallen into the trap of "WHEN THIS OR THAT IS DONE, THEN I CAN GET BACK TO NORMAL", as in:

  • When the flat is finally renovated, then I can ...
  • When the printed book is on the shelf, then I can ....
  • When the house is clean and tidy, then I can ....
  • When my German is better and more fluent, then I can ....
  • When I have earned enough to pay the tax bill, then I can ...
  • When, when, when

Its funny isn't it, that we all KNOW that we shouldn"t put off our happiness/success/fulfillment to a future date, that we should be "in the moment", and embrace it now. But, when it comes down to it, here I am doing it right now. I might not be saying, "when I am rich then I can ... or when I am thin, then I can ..." but I realised that I am putting off what needs to be done/fulfills me/ keeps me balanced until some time in the future when ...

And as we all know, that once the flat has been renovated, something else just as urgent will take its place. Once the house is clean and tidy, someone will come in and mess it up again. Once I feel my german is good enough i will find some other excuse to stop me from getting out and presenting or selling in german.


It is enough to keep us paralysed in a space on non activity. Because I have so much on my plate, I am not even getting to do the things that I should be doing ... gym falls by the wayside, healthy cooking - pah, who has time? Meeting up with friends? Next month, after easter, maybe in the summer holidays, when I have finished this or that or the other urgent thing.

The Basics to deal with Overwhelm

And so, realising that I have been trying to eat the entire chocolate cake in one sitting, I have had to go back to basics.

  • Break the big picture down into acheivable manageable activities
  • Meditate before starting to work, and ask the Universe/God/Angels to expand the time to allow me to acheive what needs to be acheived in the time allocated for it.
  • Focus purely on the project at hand during the time allocated.
  • Enjoy the moment and be in the moment fully.
  • Honour and celebrate and recognise each acheivement and step forward.
    After all, how do you eat a chocolate cake? One bite at a time!

Anyone else relate?

I'll have another piece of chocolate cake please ... oh and for good measure, a giant sized cappucino!


A bit about my dear friend Sue Schoening

b2ap3 thumbnail Sue-SchoeningSue started her journey as a child, when many unexplained and often overwhelming psychic experiences forced her on journey of seeking for understanding and acceptance of her disturbing ability. She explored Christianity and found it unable to answer her many questions about her own experiences, and was drawn to an Eastern perspective in her late twenties where for the first time she found acceptance and understanding of her psychic abilities.

An initiate into Kriya yoga, Sue studied eastern philosophy, christian mysticism, metaphysics and spiritual psychology, as well as Eastern and Western spirituality, before meeting Franz. She has also studied mainstream and alternative psycho-therapeutic approaches, which she incorporates into her work to achieve a cross over between traditional and alternative techniques. To connect with Sue, go to

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