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Learning that I have Limits


I am slowly learning the value of pacing myself with tasks and appointments. I'm very slowly learning and accepting that just because someone else can work with many clients per day, does not mean that I should be able to do the same. 

I'm learning the value of acknowledging and respecting my limits where it comes to "output". 

In the two recent weeks, I over-scheduled "talking" appointments. By that I mean appointments where I have to do a lot of talking, like working with a client, or even lunch with a friend. And by Friday (two weeks in a row) I was finished. My energy was low and enthusiasm only a trickle...

I keep thinking ahead of time (when I'm in scheduling mode) that I'll be fine - surely I can manage a 2-hour workshop, a client, a Skype interview and lunch with a friend on one day? Other people (for instance my hard-working husband) would find it asmusing to even have to think about it.... So I should be able to do it too!

All the time, a tiny little voice in my head is saying "Careful, Liesel - take it easy. Don't you think you're overdoing it again?"

"Noooo, this is not much! Come one, don't be so weak. If you say no to one of these appointments now, you won't be able to schedule them again for another week due to other commitments"... and so, the conversation in my head continues. I can tell you, that the past 2 weeks my "no" has not been heard enough and I paid the price with low energy, low enthusiasm and even tears of exhaustion. 

So yes, I'm learning where my limits are, honouring my own unique levels of energy reserves. I'm an introvert and recharge in silence! And so there will be lots of that during this coming weekend. 

Have you learnt to recognize and acknowledge that your energy reserves need replenishing and that your limits are not necessarily where others' limits are?


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