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Liesel Interviewed by Lucinda Curran




I met Lucinda recently via an "online bootcamp" we both attended. We found so many similarities in our approach to life, belief in emotional wellbeing and the physical effects that emotions have. We've become fast friends and Skype is contributing in wonderful ways to our friendship over long distance! Liesel is in South Africa, while Lucinda is in Melbourne, Australia.

We chatted in this 49 minute interview about the background to "No Problem" and various concepts discussed in the book. The Elephant, Rider and Path ideas are touched on, as well as codependence, the Six Core Human Needs, EFT, where and how our beliefs are formed, and why change seems so hard sometimes.



Lucinda has always been an avid student - both of life, and in formal settings. She initially worked as a teacher while completing studies in literature, and went on to retrain as a Chinese Medicine practitioner, and a Building Biologist.

Lucinda is passionate about health and wellbeing, and her goal is to assist as many as possible in making positive changes in their lives.

Lucinda’s Qualifications include

Master of Arts, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Health Science, Diploma of Teaching, Certificate in Building Biology IV and more.

Lucinda is the author of "Change your Life: 50 Daily Meditation-Affirmations that Anyone can Do". As the title suggests, it's her personal unique combination of meditation, affirmations that is so simple to use that literally anyone can use it.

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All comments are welcome to either Lucinda or myself. Thanks for listening!



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Learning that I have Limits
How to Manage 7 Children and an Ideal Life

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"The ability to set boundaries to take care of yourself begins with the belief that your “self” is worth caring for. If we’ve learned that taking care of ourselves results in conflict, rejection, or abandonment, it’s likely that we’ll shut down when we need set a boundary, rather than take that risk.“ - Dr Jane Bluestein

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