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No, my time is precious!

No, my time is precious!


I had to grin this afternoon. With huge compassion.

I received a newsletter from a very successful, very awesome and very busy coach, author and speaker. She's had an exceptionally busy time this year with a book launch and her book is doing incredibly well in South Africa. All in all, it looks like "she's made it".

Except - her back has given her lots of problems the past few months. She had to spend a month in bed!

She shared some lovely insights and learnings from the back-journey. The last sentence in her newsletter said:

"I have learned to say no to certain requests for meetings, to value my time as more precious. "

I LOVE it when my book title comes up in a famous person's life. I have endless compassion and empathy for anyone who's had to STOP, take stock and check whether they're really doing everyone a favour by doing it ALL and MORE.

I walked that road as well and personally experienced the fatigue, resentment, overwhelm and other emotions that come from doing "too much", being "too busy" and overdoing in general.

I wish you the good sense and awareness to take stock of your life BEFORE it's necessary for your body to pack up and say "no more - I'm MAKING you stop!"


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“I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody. “ ~ Bill Cosby

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