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Day # 2 of the Virtual Book Tour for No Problem: The Upside of Saying No

Welcome to Day 2 of the Virtual Book Tour!


Today, I have the pleasure of introducing the blog of Fertility Expert, Heather Step. Heather read "No Problem. The Upside of Saying No" soon after publication, and she's written a review and is hosting it on her beautiful blog.

I met Heather at an EFT course. She has a really special story which she's blogged about for years. She walked a long and painful journey with infertility and through perseverance, a lot of EFT tapping for all the emotional stress and pain, and skilled physicians, she fell pregnant and is now the proud Mom of a beautiful 18 month old boy!

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Hi liesel i saw your booktour message in my Google feed page and clicked.I can still not get my head around on how this kind of m... Read More
Tuesday, 11 March 2014 09:25
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Day # 1 of the Virtual Book Tour for No Problem: The Upside of Saying No

A really warm welcome to the Virtual Book Tour Celebration
for my book
"No Problem. The Upside of Saying No"!


My book has been on the shelves and at online stores like Amazon and Barnes and Noble for almost a year, and I simply can't believe how the time has flown. In celebration of almost a year that's gone by since it's release, I'm embarking on this fun journey around the world.

So what on earth is a Virtual Book Tour?

You know how authors go to book shops to do a talk and book signing? I did a few of those right after the book was published. Thing is - it requires traveling and being at a specific place, at a specific time - for both the author and the readers.

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Hitting Point Overwhelm


Written by Susan Schoening

I have had quite a few comments from clients and friends asking why I have been so quiet on the "writing of posts" front, as opposed to taking the easy way out and sharing "others' posts" ... which I have been really guilty of over the past few months in general, and this month in particular.

I could say I have been really busy (which is true), or that life is chaotic at the moment (also true) or that I am so tired after a day resonant with chasing my tail (you know how that feels!) that all I can do is fall into bed, without a creative thought in my head. But that for me feels as though I am buying into the excuses and allowing the excuses to drive my daily schedule, as opposed to ME driving my days consciously and constructively.

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Self Care

by Rebecca Gretz


I met Rebecca through another friend, in June 2013. She's been to Peru in the meantime and posts a wonderful tiny video clip every day.

Yesterday's clip caught my eye because it said "Theme of the Day" - Self Care. My favourite topic!

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Self Love Series Part 2

Self Love Series

This month, we're doing a Series on Self Love at the request of Monica Carr of Momentality Moments. Monica is in the US, and I started writing blogs for her in 2013. She's on a big drive in 2014 to help her readers realise the importance of loving yourself.

For Self Love Series Part 1, go to Monica's beautiful blog at MomentalityMoments.

How can we learn self-love?

Unfortunately, beliefs formed in the subconscious in our early years do not easily change by thinking rationally, or by someone outside telling you that you are lovable.

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"The ability to set boundaries to take care of yourself begins with the belief that your “self” is worth caring for. If we’ve learned that taking care of ourselves results in conflict, rejection, or abandonment, it’s likely that we’ll shut down when we need set a boundary, rather than take that risk.“ - Dr Jane Bluestein

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