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Liesel Interviewed by Lucinda Curran




I met Lucinda recently via an "online bootcamp" we both attended. We found so many similarities in our approach to life, belief in emotional wellbeing and the physical effects that emotions have. We've become fast friends and Skype is contributing in wonderful ways to our friendship over long distance! Liesel is in South Africa, while Lucinda is in Melbourne, Australia.

We chatted in this 49 minute interview about the background to "No Problem" and various concepts discussed in the book. The Elephant, Rider and Path ideas are touched on, as well as codependence, the Six Core Human Needs, EFT, where and how our beliefs are formed, and why change seems so hard sometimes.

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How to Manage 7 Children and an Ideal Life

 Kelly Wagner

In this busy world we live in, can you imagine raising seven lively children, run a household, and make time for self-care?

That's what Kelly Wagner has been able to do!

Kelly Wagner is the creator of the Ideal Life Planner and she has an extensive background in health, wellness and personal development. Prior to staying home to be with her 7 amazing children, she worked at a hospital for over ten years in Behavioral Health. She has worked with thousands of people overcoming emotional, physical and mental obstacles and limitations.

What became clear to her was that change was so much more difficult and frustrating if clients didn't have a plan with easy reminders every single day if they wanted to experience life-long better habits and make lasting changes in their life.

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No, my time is precious!

No, my time is precious!


I had to grin this afternoon. With huge compassion.

I received a newsletter from a very successful, very awesome and very busy coach, author and speaker. She's had an exceptionally busy time this year with a book launch and her book is doing incredibly well in South Africa. All in all, it looks like "she's made it".

Except - her back has given her lots of problems the past few months. She had to spend a month in bed!

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Liesel Interviewed by Kushla Chadwick

KushlaI've experienced really amazing doors open in the most unexpected places, since "No Problem" was published in May 2013.

One of the very kind people who reviewed my book for an endorsement, is Rehana Webster, Founding EFT Master. She's from New Zealand and we've exchanged a number of really lovely emails. Rehana is an incredibly kind soul, making an enormous difference in the lives of Pakistani women. She developed her technique called Trauma Buster Technique (TBT), which is a blend of EFT and the NLP movie technique. Rehana visits Pakistan often to present her TBT to many traumatised women who have no other form of therapy available to them.

In September 2013, Rehana was approached by the beautiful Kushla Chadwick, to take part in an online Seminar called "Step Up, Stand Out 2013". This event was designed for women entrepeneurs who want to step up to a "bigger game" with many accomplished participants sharing their wisdom and experience. Due to Rehana's many commitments, she could not take part in September and she referred Kushla to me.

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Liesel Interviewed by Rebecca Gretz


Facebook is such a wonderful virtual place!

I know so many people are anti-facebook, or feel that it wastes their time, or they're afraid of getting addicted. All of those can be true, yes - and the other side of the story is that I have met so many incredible and wonderful people, worldwide, that I would not otherwise have made contact with.

One of them is the lovely Rebecca Gretz, of Essence Coaches. I met Rebecca through yet another facebook friend, Lynn Rabins, who introduced us. Rebecca has been running an online Radio Show for a number of years and is part of the community of coaches who work together to raise awareness and awaken humanity.

Rebecca offered me the opportunity to be hosted on her Radio Show on 17 July 2013, only a few short months after my book was published (May 2013). I was still quite nervous about speaking in public and I must say that Rebecca's calm manner, soothing voice and genuine interest made it deligthfully easy for me! She has a beautiful voice that I could listen to for hours.

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“When you say ‘yes’ to others, make sure you aren’t saying ‘no’ to yourself.”~ Paulo Coelho

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